Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hugh Grant Engaging in Lewd Conduct in Public

Hugh Grant is a famous actor that is known for his attractive accent and charming smile. However, in 1995 the innocent Hugh Grant was arrested. Arrested for what you might ask? For engaging in "lewd conduct in public" with a prostitute. The news was all over the internet and on every magazine cover known to man. All of his fans, mostly women, were repelled for such a distasteful act. Grant and his publicist had to act fast in order to make this star get into the spotlight once more and get more acting jobs.

Hugh responded to the public with a novel PR approach, that I myself would of suggested. Following his little stunt, he apologized immediately on several shows such as "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, "The Tonight's Show with Jay Leno" and "Larry King Live". Articles in magazines complimented Hugh Grant for not refusing interviews or canceling appearances. Even though Hugh simply just stated "I'm very sorry," it went a long way with his fans and the media. Thank goodness for him, I am sure that his accent did much of the work, following with that dazzling smile of his. The public forgave him instantly and he developed his acting into even a better career. To this day, barely no one mentions Hugh Grant's scandal anymore because the public loves when celebrities apologize for what they did.

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